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For Women: How To Determine A Healthy Weight

For Women: How To Determine A Healthy Weight

Society increases the stress and challenges that women face to find and maintain a healthy weight. Healthy probably doesn’t mean model-stick thin, but it also doesn’t mean being able to eat at fast food restaurants each week or grab high carbohydrate snacks on the way to work in the morning. There is a consistent and […]

Ab Exercises for Women

Many people believe that the sexiest part of a woman might be flat and sleek abs. To achieve those muscles without looking like Mr. Universe is really more simple than you might imagine. In the first place women don’t normally have enough testosterone in their body to develop large, bulky muscle. Instead, it is normal […]

Core Exercises to reduce belly fat

Fat in the abdominal region is related to two different types of fat deposits. The first is subcutaneous, or the fat that lies on top of the muscle, the fat you can feel. The second is visceral fat, or the layers of fat deposits that are intertwined around your abdominal organs. The first type of […]

Strengthening Abs Has Many Benefits

Flat, sexy abdominal muscles are the desire of most men and women. Getting them is a two-pronged approach. In the first place you have to reduce the amount of visceral and subcutaneous fat that will cover any hard muscle you develop. The second is to develop those muscles that protect your core. This is the […]

Best ways to lose belly fat

One fairly common misconception is that belly fat will disappear when you have rock hard abs. In point of fact, the opposite can be true. You can have rock hard abs and still have belly fat. And, how much fat you carry around your midsection, no matter how hard those muscles are, is an indication of […]

Five Easy Toning Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Exercise is an important part of our lives. Staying in shape is one way to increase your life expectancy. Weight bearing exercises are important also for increasing muscle mass and bone density as you age. Most of us have learned what to do when it comes to exercising. The problem is where and when to […]

4 Lesser-Known Health Benefits of Strength Training

4 Lesser-Known Health Benefits of Strength Training

Image: Thinkstock It’s no secret: People often do strengthening exercises because they want to look more toned, buffed, or ripped. But while strength training results in some alluring external perks, there are even better internal health benefits.…