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Does a Working Dog Have Special Needs?

By Dr. Deva Khalsa. Demands on the working dog far exceed the demands on the average family dog. Their bodies and brains need to keep up with all the tasks that are required of them. This makes it especially important for the working dog to get all the supplementation he or she needs to maintain […]

Can I Work to Avoid Cancer in My Dogs and Cats?

By Dr. Deva Khalsa. Doctors and researchers for years have been telling us about the importance of eating our fruits and vegetables. Researchers continue to link the importance of eating phytonutrients to the prevention of many diseases. An example of this comes from a centenarian tribe found in the remote villages in the Andes Mountains. […]

Healthy Pets White Label Partnership with PetFirst

PetFirst Partners with International Pet Insurance Company for US Distribution. PetFirst announces a white label pet insurance partnership with award-winning UK provider Healthy Pets’ brand. “It is important to PetFirst that we provide world-class…

Holistic Alternative Pet Care Company Announces New Lower Pricing for Its Animal Collars

Therapy Animal Collars naturally addresses the symptoms of pet allergies, fleas and ticks, old age, pain and discomfort, anxiety, excess licking and scratching…and more. Alternative pet care is not available without drugs, chemicals, herbs, or magnets…

Petco Shares Steps to Keep Pets Healthy in Honor of Pet Cancer Awareness Month

SAN DIEGO, April 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Roughly six million new cancer diagnoses are made in dogs and a similar number in cats each year. Just like with humans, detecting cancer early and being healthy enough to fight the disease means this diagnosis…

Awesome Stuff: Pets Need Innovative Technology Too

For this week’s awesome stuff of interesting or bizarre crowdfunding projects, we’re going to go with three crowdfunding projects involving technology for pets. Yes, pets. I’ve got a cat and a dog and a bunch of fish, and I’ve never once thought about…

Consumer Watch: National Pet Week: Gourmet Pets

Consumer Watch: National Pet Week: Gourmet Pets

Is gourmet pet food worth the extra cost? Karin Caifa has our Consumer Watch.