Township Residents Levine, Chivukula Have Mixed Results in State Legislative Races


Brian Levine (left) and Upendra Chivukula

The two township residents running for state Legislative seats had mixed results Nov. 5.

Democratic state Assemblyman Upendra Chivukula easily won re-election from the 17th Legislative District with his running mate, Joseph Egan. The two bested Republican challengers Carlo DiLalla of North Brunswick and Sanjay Patel of Piscataway.

Straight ballot results – without provisionals or mail-ins – show that Chivukula and Egan handily carried the township in the voting, with Chivukula garnering 8,665 votes, Egan getting 8,606, DiLalla getting 5,095 and Patel earning 4,640.

Mayor Brian Levine fell short in his attempt to unseat Democratic incumbent Bob Smith of Piscataway in the state Senate race for the 17th Legislative District. Although township voters favored him for mayor in his last election, they went with Smith Nov. 5, giving the incumbent 7,574 votes to Levine’s 6,369.

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