There May Be A Farmers’ Market This Year After All

Franklin may indeed have a farmers’ market this summer.

A lack of vendors interested in participating in this year’s planned market caused it to be cancelled earlier in the year. But, as Township Manager Robert Vornlocker said on May 14, there is renewed hope.

During Mayor Phil Kramer’s “virtual” town hall, Vornlocker said that Somerset County is lending a hand.

Vornlocker said the county Office of Emergency Management surveyed towns on the interest in a farmers’ market, and, “as a result of us expressing a great deal of interest,” the county Agriculture Board has agreed to step in.

The board will work with farmers to create the market, Vornlocker said.

“It may be a drive-through,” he said. “They said how many can you handle, I said give us 15 or 20 and we’ll find a way to do it.”

Vornlocker said a location has not yet been determined.

“I offered up the municipal building, and there was some discussion about it might be Colonial Park,” he said.

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