Does a Working Dog Have Special Needs?

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Dr. Deva Khalsa

By Dr. Deva Khalsa.

Demands on the working dog far exceed the demands on the average family dog. Their bodies and brains need to keep up with all the tasks that are required of them. This makes it especially important for the working dog to get all the supplementation he or she needs to maintain health, drive, intelligence and tenacity.

Working Dogs need to think. And thinking is work! A dog’s nutritional intake affects brain function. The brain itself has very high energy and nutrient needs. Nutrient intake affects the levels of neurotransmitters – which, in turn, affects memory and problem-solving ability.Vitamin B-6 is needed to produce most of the brain’s neurotransmitters, while Vitamin B-12is needed to maintain the outer coating of nerve cells. A Niacin deficiency results in loss of memory. Vitamin D3 maintains the nervous system and Boron, a trace mineral, enhances brain function. Zinc is called ‘the intelligence mineral’ and is required for mental development. Zinc helps in the production of about 100 enzymes in your dog’s body, builds a healthy immune system and maintains the sense of smell and taste. It’s also great for the skin and coat. Vitamin A is important for sight and a deficiency in this vitamin can cause night blindness. Working Dogs need to think through situations and handle problems. We put them at a disadvantage if we do not provide all the tools they need to do this.

The Working Dog’s schedule also requires stamina and complete supplementation increases stamina by keeping cellular processes working full on during the times when concentration and endurance are so very necessary. A full complement of B vitamins for stress, iodine and selenium for the thyroid and Vitamin E and Vitamin C for antioxidant activity all help to keep things running smoothly during times of stress.

Phytochemicals provide even more energy and resilience as they live in the system far longer than vitamins and minerals. Additionally, research has shown unequivocally that the phytoNUTRIENTS in foods such as broccoli, kale, cranberries, blueberries, and carrots help to prevent cancer as well as many other diseases.

Deserving Pets Vital Vitamins for Dogs was created with the needs of the working dog and with superior health benefits in mind. This vitamin was designed using the latest information available from research in nutrition. If you compare Deserving Pets Vital Vitamins for Dogsto others on the market you will see they include a full compliment of vitamins, minerals (and list the milligrams, International Units and formulation of the ingredients) along with phytonutrients – all from raw, human grade food sources. A special flavor blasting process hides any unpleasant taste from the vitamins and makes it a real treat for any dog when simply added to the food.

Dr. Deva Khalsa has more than two decades’ worth of experience in veterinary medicine, incorporating homeopathy, acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, nutritional advice, allergy-elimination techniques such as N.A.E.T.. Today her work is a blend of sophisticated holistic techniques and traditional veterinary medicine designed to best enhance the natural strengths and attributes of her patient.

She is the co-author of “Healing Your Horse: Alternative Therapies” (Howell Book House, 1993), and most recently authored, “Dr. Khalsa’s Natural Dog” (Kennel Club Books, 2009), a book best described as a “holistic bible” for dog owners. Dr. Kha;sa is presently working on a similar book for the caretakers of cats,

Working with the Deserving Pets company, Dr. Khalsa has designed the most nutritionally comprehensive, easily assimilated yet truly appealing vitamins for our companion dogs and cats.

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