School District To Survey Former Students

Board of Education vice-president Ardaman Singh said the surveys would help the district to build a database of former students.

The Board of Education wants to hear from former township students.

The board at its Dec. 20 meeting approved the release of two surveys, one targeted to Franklin High School graduates in the classes of 2016, 2017 and 2018, and a second aimed at students from all Franklin schools.

The surveys will help the district “develop a base of former Warriors who might share their experiences in Franklin schools, and with whom the district could share news about current staff and students,” said Ardaman Singh, the board’s vice-president.

Among the questions being asked of recent FHS graduates are what they did after graduating, such as attend college, get a job or join the military; how well they think FHS prepared them for life after graduation, and what they think is the most valuable lesson they learned.

The more general survey asks former students to talk about their career paths, what their experiences at Franklin schools were like and what being a Warrior means to them.


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