In Your Opinion: Let The Police Department Issue Play Out

By Bill Connell, Somerset.

Some of the twaddle in the comments section regarding the police force entice me to write this. It is best summarized by a disagreement the Editor of the Franklin Reporter & Advocate and I have .

The Editor thinks he has a right to know everything now. I on the other hand am more empathetic to the personal aspects of this. People’s lives have been changed or dismantled. I think people need to do their jobs first and I don’t need to know in real-time the back-story. It will come.

Some compare this to the statue, but that was stupid local child’s play. This story is far more important and has long-lasting impacts. As I see it, the Township Manager and Township Council are taking logical actions. We are going into an election year and I doubt anyone on Council wants to manage this situation. Putting it on the Township Manager and the county divests themselves from the process. I see it as a buffer, not a conspiracy and I am OK with it. Maybe I am naïve but it will get us through this quicker.

I am fine with letting this play out. The Township Manager’s words were very concise. We do need to know what happened but not before everyone has done their job. We do need to know before Council takes action and commits the town to a plan. I am not sure if passing the new ordinance is that point. Is passing the ordinance the final decision?

This is an important decision, so go along to get along is not the right attitude like it was with statues. It requires a little more thought.

Nobody looks at the police force like a company or corporation but it is, they are not just a service provider. It should not be overlooked the good job they do daily despite the complexity of employee management.

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