FR&A Video: Franklin High School Coaches, Administrators Take ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Franklin High School’s fall sports coaches and some school administrators got drenched by their students Aug. 21 for a good cause.

The students and staff took part in an ALS “ice bucket challenge” called by outgoing Athletic Director Kim Kenny, in honor of her mother.

As is the custom with these events, Kenny also called out Mayor Brian Levine and the athletic departments of Hillsborough, Montgomery and Bound Brook high schools to take the challenge, too.

Katherine Claire Kenny died from ALS in September, 2013. Her daughter said she wanted to use the challenge as an opportunity raise raise awareness about the disease and raise money for a GoFundMe account named in her mother’s honor. Money raised in the account goes to the Joan Dancy and PALS group, which, Kenny said, helps ALS patients and their families in New Jersey.

Kenny said it was not hard getting people to participate.

“My trainer, Anthony Britto, sent out an email and within five minutes, everyone said absolutely,” Kenny said.

Kenny said she challenged the mayor and the other school districts “to keep the challenge alive.”

“We’re challenging them to challenge other schools in the Skyland Conference and then hopefully this will go all throughout New Jersey and then from there throughout the country,” she said.

The GoFundMe page for Kenny’s account is located at www.gofundme.com/katies-crusaders.

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