In Your Opinion: It’s Time For The Democrats To Stop Protecting Prasad

By Rob Trautmann, Somerset.

Time and time again, Township Councilman Rajiv Prasad has proven he has neither the intellect nor temperament to represent the people of Franklin Township. Time and time again, the Township’s Democratic Party has swept his indiscretions under the rug. This was highlighted by the council’s recent post hoc approval of what the Franklin Reporter recently referred to as “Prasad’s Park”. And who can forget his attempts to have the FBI investigate political rivals? Or that he called those people Nazis simply because they didn’t want a park built in their backyard. Prasad believes he is above the law and need not follow the rules. If he wants something to happen, he simply does it, rules be damned.

Perhaps worse than his refusal to follow the rules is the theme of claiming racism that he has woven into each of his pet projects. In this day where society is largely addicted to outrage, Prasad has learned that you can silence critics and opposition by playing the race card.

We as a society cannot allow this man to continue to represent us, but sadly we are a one party town and the party leaders won’t stand up to Prasad, despite the fact that many of them condemn him in private conversations. The party leaders need to step in and remove Prasad, either by asking him to resign or taking more official steps. Further, we voters need to wake up and vote for the candidate and not the party.

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