In Your Opinion: Franklin Passed The Safety Test

By Bill Connell, Somerset

Your letter asks good questions. They should eventually be answered, but it draws the eye away from the only issue that’s important, to me anyway.

Shooting incidents are unique and Florida was no different. The question I have is, does Franklin have the infrastructure, communication and talent to deal with a real incident. This was a small test, and the answer appears to be yes. I know first-hand that school safety issues are discussed and massaged by police and school administration far more often then than when a headline pops up. There was an issue, it was handled, I can wait for the exact details.

I do not want the prosecutor’s single-minded communication protocol and Trump-like apology for it, to overshadow how deftly the situation was handled by the people directly involved.

For the parents who want to know everything in real time, I am not sure? Would it have changed anything? In that situation, what better outcome could have you expected?

Communication under stress is an art form. There will be lessons learned. How the district handles the day to day safety moving forward will be discussed and aired out , but it appears our police are well prepared.

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