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In Your Opinion: School District Does Not Need New Superintendent

By John Felix, Somerset In a recent posting, the Community for Change (C4C) authors outlined their reasons for opposing the tenure of the Franklin Township BOE superintendent, as well as their ardent support for the non-renewal of the Superintendent’s contract. There are four reasons why families of school children should think twice about this. According […]

In Your Opinion: Connell Responds to Fitzgerald on Substitute Teacher Pay

By Bill Connell, Somerset. This is to address Mr. Fitzgerald’s concerns. Board involvement is what created this concern. Having studied the board for a few years I feel I can speak to it. One of the problems I have noticed with the board budget is set when the state releases the budget at the last […]

Your Opinion: School Board Should Reconsider Substitute Pay Cut

By Mark Fitzgerald, Somerset Dear Board Members; For those present at the board meeting (Oct. 17), you heard from numerous substitute teachers in the district regarding a recent decision to reduce their daily per diem compensation.  The change for many caused their daily rate to be reduced from $110/day to $95/day or $85/day respectively.  This […]

In Your Opinion: Decision on Schools Superintendent Was Rushed

By Bill Connell, Somerset. I was at the meetings where the Super’s contract was discussed.  My support of the Super starts at the fact that being a boss is not a popularity contest, but being a politician is. Having this discussion at campaign time is questionable because it confuses the conversation.  The Supers contract is […]

In Your Opinion: School District Needs New Superintendent

By Monica Hines, Angela Barkley, Bernadette Kelly, De Sanders, Cynthia Burwell-Alston, Shanel Y. Robinson and Donna Blackmore. We are Community for Change, an organization comprised of a diverse group of active community members.  At the September 26th Board of Education meeting, we outlined facts as to why we believe that Mr. Ed Seto’s contract should […]

In Your Opinion: Give Reasons for Schools Superintendent’s Non-Renewal

By Mrs. Ardaman Singh, Franklin Park. As an active Parent Volunteer for our School District I was extremely sad at the way the Board of Education voted on the non-renewal of the Superintendent’s contract. I think as parents we deserve an answer with facts why his contract will not be extended beyond 06/30/2014. There was […]