Video Story: Township Firefighters Train To Save Their Lives

Fire fighters get last-minute instruction in their new bailout gear Oct. 7 in the Rutgers Plaza parking lot.

Firefighters from East Franklin and Community fire departments converged on the Rutgers Plaza parking lot Oct. 7 for training in newly purchased gear designed to save their lives.

Called bailout gear, the equipment consists of rope, a hook, a device to aid in descending the rope and a carabiner, which is a metal lop that can be opened on one side. Fire fighters use the equipment to quickly exit upper floors in buildings when a fire becomes too dangerous to stay.

Conducting the raining was Pompton Plains-based Fire Ground Technologies, which won the $124,000 contract from Fire District 3 for the equipment and training. The company brought its custom-made training trailer for the event.

The Franklin Reporter & Advocate live streamed some of the training. Here’s what we saw:


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