Township Council: Raleigh Steinhauer (R)

Name: Raleigh Steinhauer

Street Address: 49 Pinecrest Drive

Section of Town You Live In: Somerset

If not, have you held any elected position before, and if so, what:

  • I have been a Committee person for my district since 2008.

Do you belong to any civic organizations:

  • Volunteer for Second Chance for Animals in Franklin.

What do you see as your three top issues, and how do you plan on dealing with them:

1. Crime:  The first responsibility of government is to protect its citizens. According to FBI statistics, total crime has risen every year in Franklin Township since 10 police officers were laid off in 2010 and others have not been replaced due to attrition. As the population and crime rate are both increasing we should be hiring police officers, not laying them off.  We had 129 officers in 2009, today we have 100.  We are trending in the wrong direction on all levels. To rectify the issue, I would hire more police officers and ensure that they have the resources necessary to keep our streets safe. I would also encourage more community policing efforts. I am an attorney and I have a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. I know that when the police and the community interact and build trusting relationships crime goes down.

2. Taxes: Taxes in Franklin are too high, especially in relation to the services we have been receiving for those taxes. Our infrastructure is crumbling, our police force is understaffed, our mini-dump is too expensive and too inaccessible for people to use, and yet our taxes keep on going up. There is a severe imbalance between what we pay and what we get in return.  To address this issue, I would prioritize our spending and ensure that the money is going where it needs to go. Any money that is being underutilized or wasted should be reallocated or returned to taxpayers.

3. Irresponsible Fiscal Management:  Excessive bonding over the last few years has resulted in the Township taking on overwhelming long term debt. This not a responsible way to run a government, and if we continue down this path our Township will be faced with a day of reckoning when the only way to pay off the massive debt that we have incurred will be by making sweeping cuts to vital public services, or significantly raising taxes.  To rectify this situation, I would restore smart fiscal management immediately, and ensure that we are only taking on what we can afford now and in the future.

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