Spreading The Love, Picture By Picture

LOVE....everywhere 2013-12-31 15-21-50A local couple is spreading the love … one picture at a time.

Somerset resident and businessman Frank Resta and Celeste Amann of Flemington on Jan. 1 will start the next round of their charitable giving campaign, “Love … Everywhere.”

Participants take photographs of anything having a “love” theme and post it to the campaign’s Facebook page. At the end of the month, the picture receiving the most “likes” wins $25 for the photographer and $25 for the photographer’s favorite charity.

This month’s winner designated the Middlebush Reformed Church as their partner, Resta said.

The site’s only been up a few months, but it was about a year in the making, Resta said.

“We were developing it, and getting it legalized,” he said.

Resta, owner of Resta’s Shell at Cedar Grove Lane and Amwell Road, said the impetus for starting the site came partly from his belief that people attract what they think about.

“What people look at is what attracts into their life,” he said. “If people see love, they will find it.”

The campaign’s mission, according to the site, is to “activate the movement of LOVE as an evolutionary engine. An interactive reminder to continually reach a higher place of consciousness & evolve through recognizing love woven into each day, everywhere for the best of all.”

Also, “to send love, to link the world in the concept of oneness. to send support to all, to increase Manifestation powers for Self & Others, to empower Individuals, to support Spiritual Development and to link Humanity & Mother earth,” according to the site.

For more information, email loveeverywherehere@gmail.com.

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