Online Transaction ‘Safe Zone’ Created In Front Of Police Station

An ordinance establishing a “safe zone” for online business transactions, sponsored by Councilman Will Galtieri, was approved at the Oct. 9 meeting.

A “safe zone” for residents to conduct online business exchanges will be established in front of police headquarters under an ordinance approved at the Oct. 9 Township Council meeting.

The brainchild of Councilman Will Galtieri (D-Ward 2), the zone is meant to give online sellers and buyers some “peace of mind” when transacting their business, he said.

“The idea is to put several spots in the municipal complex that can be monitored by the police department so that residents can feel safe in conducting transactions and prevent anybody from trying to take advantage” of them, he said. “It’s clearly stipulated the police are not involved in the transaction, the police will not be present while the transaction is taking place. It’s a safe, neutral meeting place that will be monitored by the public safety building.”

“Hopefully this gives our residents a little more ease in meeting with people they might try to do business with,” Galtieri said.

The zone “will be all marked and signed,” said Township Manager Robert Vornlocker.


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