New Foundation To Administer MLK Scholarship Program


Dr. Alex Kharazi tells the Board of Education about a new foundation that will take over administration of the Martin Luther King Community Day Breakfast and scholarship program.

A foundation has been formed to administer the annual Martin Luther King Community Breakfast and scholarship fund.

Previously run through the Board of Education, the 18-year-old scholarship fund has awarded more than $120,000 in scholarships to Franklin high school graduating seniors.

Called The Franklin Township Dr. Martin Luther King Community Foundation, the group’s Board of Trustees is comprised of members of the former Dr. Martin Luther King Community Breakfast Committee.

The foundation was announced at the March 26 school board meeting by Dr. Alex Kharazi, a member of the foundation’s trustees and executive committee.

“The foundation will not only continue to have the annual community breakfast and offer scholarships to Franklin High School seniors, but it will expand its charitable efforts to benefit other educational and non-educational needs of our community,” Kharazi told the board.

“Our board of trustees represent the beautiful diversity of Franklin Township and are committed to keep Dr. King’s dream alive,” he said.

The group is currently fund raising for the scholarship. More information can be found on its Web site.

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