MacAfee Road School Students, Parents Meet For Ice Cream Social

Parents and students met at Inman Park for an evening of play and ice cream.

With just about two weeks to go before the start of the school year, a group of MacAfee Road School families he a meet-up at a township park Sept. 7.

The occasion was the second annual MacAfee Road School Play Date and Ice Cream Social at Harvey J. Inman Park, off John F. Kennedy Boulevard.

Organized by the school’s PTO, the event is held to help students and parents “get to know your new classmates, and reconnect with old classmates,” said Dan Bocchino, the PTO’s co-president.

“It’s great because you just have to show up at the park,” he said.

This year saw the addition of ice cream with an appearance of a Mr. Softee ice cream truck. Bocchino said the PTO would get a donation of 20 percent of everything sold, after expenses.

Last year’s event was held in August, he said, but with the late school start this year, the PTO decided to have this year’s get-together in September.

The schools’ redistricting means there will be some new families at MacAfee this year, Bocchino said, and the social is seen as a good way for everyone to meet.

“This is totally informal,” he said. “Pretty much the kids run the event. It’s a good chance for parents to let them do what they want to do for a little but. We heard stories last year that parents met here and ended up in the same class together and they became friends all year.”

Here are a few scenes from the day:


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