In Your Opinion: What’s The Plan To Mitigate Storm Damage?

By Andrew Dars.

Like so many others, I was trapped, unable to get through Easton Avenue due to flood water.

Since there was nowhere to go, I took the time to speak to neighbors, residents and even a young woman from the Red Cross who were also stranded trying to get to the other side.

The general question asked is not what caused the storm … but why have we been seeing so many floods this year and why is the damage getting worse and worse?

The people I spoke with  all seem to be in agreement, that regardless of the cause, this is the third time we’re seeing this and now we hear we should be expecting more water coming later in the  week   

It seems myself and other residents have asked this question before but never really get a straight answer.

Is there a solid contingency plan in force to ease or reroute the water making the damage less severe?

 It’s really a yes or no question don’t you agree? Either we have one or we don’t. 

Do our Township leaders have a plan or are they just sticking their heads in the sand and hoping things will get better?

When you ask why, you’ll always get the answer, because it’s the weather storm. That’s not really what we’re asking.

As you know I’ve been campaigning for weeks, and one question that pops up is why have we gone from virtually nothing to extreme over-building in such a short period of time. Based on the amount of building, can you guarantee that you did the proper checks and balances with engineering to confirm that our infrastructure can handle this type of change in the environment?

It’s quite known that in Ward III, which centers around our canal, why have we not heard anything from the current Councilman on this issue?

My name is Andrew Dars, I am running for the Township Council in the 3rd Ward. My first order of business will be to get answers to these questions, and if we don’t have a proper plan, my first order of business would  be proposing that we work with engineers that are experts in this field. Up until now I feel we’ve just been lucky; sooner or later someone is going to drown and that will be on the hands of those who have done nothing about it such as the current Councilman for Ward 3 as he seems the most unresponsive leader we’ve ever had.

My name is Andrew Dars  and I am running for the position of Township Council in the 3rd Ward. It would be my honor if Mr. Charles Onyejiaka would accept my request for a proper debate. I would like to invite the residents to ask questions that are important to them so that they can determine for themselves  who they feel would be the best candidate for the job.  It seems the day of voting your party line has come to an end, people want to think for themselves and don’t want to be told what to do.

Charles do you except my challenge for a debate?

Andrew Dars is the Republican candidate for the Township Council from the 3rd Ward.

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