County Shopping For New Trees For Two Franklin Parks

The Somerset County Freeholders are seeking bids for 102 trees to be planted this fall in various parks around the county, 11 of which are earmarked for Franklin.

In its bid request, the county is asking for six trees for Spooky Brook Golf Course and five trees for Colonial Park, both in Somerset.

The county is looking for six “Green Giant” – thuja plicata  – trees for the golf course and one each of “Regent” (Sophora japonica), “Moonglow” (Magnolia Virginia variant australis), “Emer II” (Ulmis parviflora “Allee”), “Briotti” (Aesculus x carnera) and “Cherokee Princess” (Cornus florida) for Colonial Park.

Bids are due to the county by Sept. 25.

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