Central Jersey College Prep Observes Black History Month

Dance was featured during the Central Jersey College Prep Charter School’s Black History Month celebration.

Central Jersey College Prep Charter School’s Black Student Union ended Black History Month with a program that celebrated the culture and history of African-Americans.

The coordinators, junior Christopher Outlaw and senior Jordan Lee – the BSU’s president and vice president, respectively – said that even though the school had been observing Black History Month throughout February, they wanted to end the month with a formal program.

The event featured music, dance, history and a fashion show.

“We wanted to show the culture of African-Americans,” Lee said.

Outlaw said that famous African-Americans were highlighted during school days, “people who were remarkable but you don’t always hear about them, people who have made a mark on African-American history.”

Acting as Emcees, Outlaw and Lee also presented an African-American history lesson during the program.

The BSU’s faculty advisor, Celena Guest, said the students “did a phenomenal job.”

“I love the historical presentation they put together, and that it has a little bit of fun for everybody to celebrate,” she said.

“I’m just glad they can bring the school together to celebrate African-American culture,” she said.

Following are some scenes from the event:

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