In Your Opinion: ISIS Must Be Crushed, With No Mercy

By Dr. Sayed M. Rizvi, Clifton.

The recent terrorism in Paris is sadly yet another heinous, deplorable and inhumane attack on humanity. These acts of hate and evil need to be confronted and halted one way or the other. Everyone, be it regular citizens, the government or members of a particular faith, must come in unison to stop these atrocious and barbaric animals.

The recent attack in Paris along with 9/11 in NYC and the 2004 Madrid bombings and others, are all devastating and atrocious attacks with far-reaching effects. Sadly, there are also daily attacks in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey and others with the most recent one in Beirut. All of these merciless and appalling acts are carried out by Daesh, or more commonly known as “ISIS,” though they have nothing to do with humanity, let alone any religion.

All of these murders should get equal press coverage and public attention and equally condemned by the entire world regardless of religion or background. ISIS should be chased to their graves, crushed and crumpled with no mercy. They have wreaked enough havoc in the world, creating fear, chaos and confusion in the hearts of many; it’s time for them to be eliminated.

ISIS is a fully matured force by itself. However, the fact remains that this snake was fully nourished by some rich factions in the Middle East who should also be called out, as enough is enough. Saudi Arabia, under the eyes of the whole world against all norms of international law, is killing their own people, the people of Bahrain, and now Yemen. Yet, there is silence in the international media, including the UN. If evil and wickedness is to be eliminated from the world to ensure peace, justice and freedom, then let’s start from the source, and yank out those weeds.

Those who immaturely or innocently equate Islam with ISIS, let me remind them that Quran clearly states that “to kill even one innocent individual, is like killing the entire humanity.” Prophet Muhammad also clearly laid out laws involving wars, where even uprooting a single tree was absolutely forbidden, let alone killing any innocent citizen. Imam Ali also continued this tradition, when he gave the strict instructions to his Governor that, there were two types of people under his rule, namely, the Muslims who were his brothers in faith, and the non-Muslims who were his brothers in humanity, and both groups require mercy and justice regardless.

Daesh’s motto is hate and evil, and they want the world to stoop to their level, and continue the hate, evil and injustices. Let us not give into their disgusting mottos, and instead treat everyone as we would like to be treated, and not to judge an entire group for the actions of a few demented individuals. Humanity can only be saved and prosper through peace, understanding and freedom. These vile acts of evil are carried to spread hate, fear and division among the good and caring people of all faiths.

Though the killing of any innocent life can never, ever be justified at all, we should be careful as not to take advantage of the freedom of speech. It does not help the situation by mocking other religions and its leaders. We should instead focus on the similarities amongst us and how each of us can contribute toward a peaceful and just world. Mocking of all revered personalities and/or Prophets should be banned internationally.

We all pray that something is done soon to curb the animalistic and repulsive behavior of ISIS and all such groups, so that we can continue to live in peace, safeguard our morals and freedoms of religion and speech. We stand in solidarity with humanity against this common enemy and pray for peace and justice.

Dr. Rizvi is a founder of the Masjid-e-Ali Mosque on Cedar Grove Lane.


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