Photos & Video: FHS Seniors Graduate, Party The Night Away On Their Special Day

More than 500 Franklin High School seniors took that last official walk from the high school to the football field June 29 for the Class of 2018’s commencement.

Students, parents friends and relatives heard from a number of speakers, including class Salutatorian Riya Sheth, Valedictorian Kunj Padh, Class President Morgan Riddick, principal Frank Chmiel, Board of Education President Nancy LaCorte and schools Superintendent John Ravally.

Later in the evening, about 300 of the newly minted graduates returned to the school for one last hurrah together during Project Graduation. During the all-night event, students were able to dance, play games such as laser tag, have a caricature done and also see a performance by a mentalist/magician.

Peppering his speech with jokes, Padh told his fellow graduates to “look forward to the firsts that are still ahead of us. For many of us, this will be the first time that we are living alone, the first time that we are outside of Franklin, the first time that we are going to do our own laundry.”

“I know that most of us are nervous for what the future holds, I am too,” he said. “But Class of 2018, I want you each to take a moment and look at all the people sitting around you today even if you don’t know them. Because right now you are looking at the future doctors, layers, athletes, entrepreneurs, engineers and leaders of the world.”

“And if these are truly the last words you ever hear from me, I want to leave you with this: Don’t be afraid of being different, embrace it, it’s what makes us each so unique, and each so powerful,” he said. “Don’t worry if your plans change, life finds a way to work itself out in the end. Don’t forget the people that you’ve met along the way. When we think back to our time in high school 10, 20, 50 years from now, we’re not going to remember the Pythagorean Theorem, or chemical bonding.What we are gong to remember is the friendships that we made.”

In her speech, Sheth said that graduation is the start of a new era for the students.

“Now is the time that we choose,” she said. “We get to follow our dreams and immerse ourselves in what we are most passionate about. We get to find that spark again and let that contagious attitude ignite the spark of others.”

“Because when we all have that spark when we all join our passions together, it makes for one hell of a fire, and that’s the light we need in this world,” she said. “I can now proudly say that after today, we have officially made it. We may be leaving Franklin High School, but we wil always be Warriors, spreading out light wherever life may take us.”

Riddick followed that theme, reminding her fellow graduates that this day is the start of something new.

“In the book of life, the years of high school are only the introductory pages,” she said. “Each and every one of you are the puppeteers of your life. You have control over the goals you set for yourself, you just have to want it bad enough. The future is very much in our hands, whether we want it or not.”

“So I encourage the class of 2018 to be the absolute best you can be and never lose sight of what you want,” she said. “Let’s go into the world having the intention of making it a better place, and have the faith that we will succeed.”

Chmiel told the graduates that they should live life “glad,” using the word as an acronym, with “G” standing for gratitude, “L” for learning, “A” for attitude and “D” for determined.

“Class of 2018 you stuck together through a variety of challenges, and you emerged as champions,” he said. “So my message is this: be glad. Celebrate with gladness this day and every day. Feel and express gratitude. Keep learning. Have a positive attitude always and stay determined. Glad.”

“This stadium is filled with people who live in a glad way, in all ways,” he said.

Ravally likened the first 12 years of the graduates’ academic careers to a theatrical production.

“Today the curtain drops and after this afternoon’s curtain call, you’ll be on your way, on your way to a new stage of life,” he said.

Listing a number of accomplishments of FHS teams and organizations over the past school year, Ravally said, “These great experiences are just a few scenes of the Class of 2018’s finale. It’s the result of your entire high school performance that really deserves the standing ovation.

“We applaud the fact that the members of this class have been accepted to over 200 colleges and universities, including some of the most difficult gain entrance into, like Duke, Cornell, University of California Berkeley, and so many others,” he said. “We applaud the fact that you as a class were offered millions of dollars in scholarships to encourage your attendance at these impressive universities. And finally, we applaud and thank those graduates who have proudly enlisted in the military, or have chosen to take on the responsibility of full-time jobs.”

“Remember, it’s your life and you’re the star,” Ravally said.

Board of Education president Nancy LaCorte read the students well-wishes from her and her fellow board members, concluding with an encapsulation of them all, “Grow, dream, no fear, be curious, persevere, be independent, work hard and do you, because you are a Warrior.”

The Franklin Reporter & Advocate live-streamed the commencement ceremony, and also from Project Graduation.

First, commencement:

Posted by Shop Franklin Township, NJ on Friday, June 29, 2018


Posted by Shop Franklin Township, NJ on Friday, June 29, 2018


Posted by Shop Franklin Township, NJ on Friday, June 29, 2018


Here’s an extended photo gallery of graduation:

Some video from Project Graduation:

Posted by The Franklin Reporter & Advocate on Friday, June 29, 2018


Posted by The Franklin Reporter & Advocate on Friday, June 29, 2018


And here are some scenes from Project Graduation:

Here’s the list of the Franklin High School Class of 2018:

Eric Jan Bolante Abalos
Bassil S. Abuhuzeima
Zaid Abuhuzeima
Krysten Acevedo
Toneukarin George Agbeyegbe
Daniel Allegro #
Joan Allen
Yorki Almonte Lopez
Sayuri Alvarez Sanchez
Daniel Alves
Dora Amoo-Achampong ^
Jada Ancion ^
Bianca Anigbogu
Flor Aparicio
Jorge J. Arce Lopez
Sha-deen Arnold
Akua Pomaa Asamoah
Brandon Asare
Kisa Ashraf #
Jaime Asuncion Viedma
Syed Muhammad Athar
Serena Lorene Austin
Patricia Avila
Josephine Awadalla Saad
Edwin Azcona
Lisette Azcona
Tyra Shanese Babb
Tayo Badru
Anthony Bagwell
Shiva Balasubramanian *
Briseidy Balderas
Michael Isaiah Banfield
Alana Banks
Charles Banta
Shannon Barde
Daniella Barnaby
Ahjure Estacia Barnes Williams
Rabbi Bastien
Kaelyn Baucum
Kaitlinann Beckhorn
Joshua Bello
Eddie Santiago Benitez
Parth Bhatt *#
Hamza Bilal
Cierra Blue
Alicia Bongiorno
Cesar Bonilla
Stephanie Yesenia Bonilla
Skye Boomer *
Asia Chantell Boone
Brianna Surgey Borrero
Elijah Bowers
Ashley Boyd
John Bravo-Ramirez
Tyler Broadnex
Bria Kennedy Brown
Demetri Brown
Devon Scott Brown
Winalis Reyes Bruce
Tyler Jiaer Brunson
Kadar Bryan
Serena Buchan *#
Aniya Myasia Bunting
Jeson Burney
James Anthony Bustamante-Lopez
Kwazir Byrom
Shanyah Byrom
Paloma Iluminada Cabreja
Daryan Calles-Martinez
Djared Campbell
Jean Pierre Canton
Daniel Antonio Carmona Soriano
Ammeara Fatema Carter
Christina Carter
Kristina Casisa
Tyree Cathcart
Nicole Leigh Chalecki
Simran Chertara *
Zaire Chiles
Mason Chin
Isaiah James Cimafranca *
Samuel Cisneros
Jada Jonell Clarke #^
Mariah Clarke
Jalyssa Clemon
Victor Manuel Cleto Quezada
Janai Aaliyah Coleman
David Collado
Chris Colom
Gabriella Consiglio *#^
Angelica Corella Castro *#
Darion Cotton
Aminata Coundoul
Daisy Cruz
Rick Cruz
Rome Cruz
Silvia Altagracia Cuevas
Allen D’Meza

Mohamed Dabor
Esha Vaibhav Dahake #^
Neal Dalal *#^
Vidhi-Kirankumar Dalal *
Ava Danielsen
Dylan Darkwa
Soledad Davila
Amira Davis
Chezney Davis
Cyana Davis
Davay Davis
Samantha Leslie Davis *
Shayna Brianne Davis-Albert
Alexis Kendy De Jesus Torres
Desiree De La Camara
Sarahlee De La Luz
Charisse Belicia De Leon
Lynnette Gladys  Deensie
Kayla Dehogues *#
Anthony DeLorenzo
O’Brian Dennison
Christopher Michael Destin
Gianni DeVaughn
Peyton Dey
Anahi Diaz

Anthony Diaz
Brian Diaz
Melvin Diaz
Nicolas E. DiMeglio
Dashawn Laron Dixon, Jr,
Keshawn Dixon
Barbara Dominguez
Mariam Dominguez
Martin Dominguez
Monica Ja’Niece Doster-Fields
Ya’Tona Janiah Dowdell

Darianny Duarte Hilario
Shaun Duffy
Diana Duran
Gabriela Alejandra Duran Rosales
Kyna Eagar *#

Tajae Echevarria
Olivia Echeverria
Isaiah Edmunds
Alexander Eid *#^
George El-Choueri
Daniella Emmer *#^
Brandon Erazo
Kevin Espana
Jason Espinal
Montse Danilex Espinosa
Robert Falcher
Daniel Faro Gonzalez
Rebecca A. Fasanella
Rossel Felipe Cortorreal
Marissa Fernandez
Jazmine Leigh Ferri
Elijah Field
Clayborne Fields III
David Fletcher
Sava Valesse Ford
Joanna Lelia Francois
Keisha S. Francois
Jasmine Franklin
Olivia Taylor Fraser *
Samaad Zaire Frazier
Cecelia Frias
Joshua Fuller
Ayesatu Ayodele Gabisi
Robert Gagliardi
Malcolm Gaines *^
Andrea Gallagher
Ryan Gallagher
Veronica Gandarillas Medina
Marcio Garach
Carlos Garcia
Cynthia Garcia
Jason Philip Garcia *#^
Rashaun Garraway
Keyani George
Hilda German Reyes
Clarissa Glassen
Felix Rainiel Gomez
Gerardo Gomez Perez
George Gonzalez
Yareymy Nicole Gonzalez ^
Nahara Gonzalez-Feliciano
Lance Kyree Grant
Taylor Gravesande
Camille Gray
Stephon Amari Gray
Omar Griggs
Brianna Grubbs
Kevin Guardado
Emil Gutierrez Sosa
Molita Savata Anika Harris
Ahnaf Zarif Hasan
Asima Zahin Hasan
Wafa Hashmi
Ky’on Hayes
Dominique Hazel-Criss
Miriam Hazim
Dean Heflin *#^
Dervette Danieka Henderson
Joshua Hendricks *#^
Eileen Elizabeth Hennessy
Heury J. Herandez Torres
Miguel Herrera
Tiana Herron
Nija Monet Hickson
Jamille Holmes
Jamiya Holmes
Justin Khalil Holmes
Marquis Hassan Howard
Ayline Hoyos Garcia
Trinitee Lauren Hyman

Isaiah Jackson
Ganesh Jagdeo
Manav Jain
Akash Jayasuri *
Brandon Jenkins
Zakee Jennings
Zakiya Jennings
Julie John #^
Amaya Johnson
Elizabeth Concetta Johnson
Tianna Jonas

Avery Jones
Kyle McKenzie Jordan
Jessica Maria Jozak *#
Christopher Juarez Hernandez
Brian Kacsanik
Srihitha Kakarlapudi *#^
Momodu Kamara
Alexander Kampf
Mohamed Kanu
Mary Kargbo
Danielle King
Nailah Halimah King
Allison Christina Kline *
Melvin Komeh
Melvina Komeh
Rebecca Kosty *
Alyssa Kowalsky *
Lorena Kuethe
Kajal Kumari
Jessica Mary Kunz *
Oniya Imani LaFrance
Youssef Lahmar
Travis Lakhraj
Carissa LaSelva
Elvis Lazo
Kiana Lee *
Darian Andre’ LeMay
Christopher Leong *#^
Anthony Odane Levene
Allyssa Marie Lewis
Zion Jacque Bernice Lewis
Amira Khaira Lipscomb
Christina Liu #
Xiao Liu
Anel Abigail Lombardo
Dalvin Long
Chelsea Lopez *
Linton Lopez
Kate Lopez-Ramos
Jasim Aziz-Haki Lumford
Jeffrey Luzon
Emanuel Mack
Lizet Magana-Zaragoza
Jamie Mango
Kadiatu Mannah
Bailys Adelin Manuel ^
Joshua Markey
Abigail Teresa Marshall
Kelssy Marte
Caitlin Martinez
Jesus Martinez
Marilu Martinez
Terence Christopher Martinez *
Axel Martinez Angulo
Alfonso Martinez Rivera
Luis Henry Martinez Rodriguez
Gissela G. Mata McDermoth
Basheer G. Matar
Lillian Mathews
Darius D. Mathis
Quincy Maxwell
Stephanie Mayers
Tamir Mayers-Gaines
Robin B.R. Mayo
Christopher McArdle
Josiah Amiri-Mark McClain
Kiara McCloud
Kiersten McCloud
Ezieh McCutchen
Ashford Antuan McFadden
ReYana McFarlane
Emma McJury
Darius McLaurin Quittley
Terrod McLean
Mary Xiao Le McNamara
Jill Mehta
Marlon Eduardo Mejia Viera
Jadon Melecio *#
Amiah Nicole Melendez
Lizandro Mendoza Bravo
Breidy Anderson Mercedes
Nicolas Messner *#^
Derrick Michell
Alexia Antoinette Miles *
Erica Anne Milgram
Collin Miller
Destiny Dajaha Miller
Elijah Jayden Miller
Alyssa Milson
Yelitza Minaya
Mikaela Mitchell
Alhassan Aly A. Mohamed Ewis
Jauw Bayang Montalbo *
Vanessa Montehermoso
Emily Montes
Heidy Montes
Jazzibel Munoz
Amira Mustapha
Brandon Malachi Myers
Collin Nadolsky
Mansi Naik
Jack Napoli
Jacinda C.E. Nembhard
Jamaya Adia Newton *
Charm Nicholas *
Alexandra Niehaus
Dana Norris
Monserrat Noyola-Narvaez
Emir-Manuel  Nunez
Chelsea Nwankwo
Chibundu Akachukwu Nwanonyiri
Ahmir O’Neal
Julissa Olmedo
Mayowa Omabegho
William Omolo
Andrea Orellana Escalante
Ian Joshua Origenes *
Kaitlyn Orsini
Leonel Ortiz
Joshua E. Osborne
Jamilli Arturo Pacheco-Urquiza ^
Kunj Padh *#^
Jared Paige
Ajay Pandya *#
Prerona Panja *#
Maxwell Parrone
Aisha Patel *#
Archi Patel *#^
Bhavi Patel *#
Chandni J. Patel #
Gausal Patel
Julie R. Patel
Kaushal Patel *#^
Naitikkumar Daxeshkumar Patel
Priya Patel
Shivani Sanjay Patel
Sunny Patel *#^
Suramya Patel
Viha Harshad Patel *#^
Brendon Patterson
Christopher Palaez Betancourt
Janna Maria Pena
Jose Oscar Pena Dilone
Noeli Pena Peralta
Edrim M. Peralta
Joel Peralta Camilo
Jeffrey Jose Perez
Dahjir Perkins
Sarah Perrine
Amina Louise Philip
Justin Philipsheck
Margaret Pollard
Jamilex Polonia
German L. Porrata
Khaliel C. Powell
Terran Pressley
Akil Prevost
Danielle Printon *
Egypt Jamilatu Privott
Jaylen Racine
Stacy Ramdeo
Viswa Vijeth Ramesh #
Pablo Ramires Orozco
Jesus Refugio Ramirez
Alexander Uriel Ramirez Cuahutle
Stephanie Ramirez Medina
Alejandra Ramos
Jailene Ramos
Esmeny Ramos Garcia
Alyssa Ramroop
Karinna Karthik Rao *#
Abolee Raut *#^
Afzaal Razack
Consuelo Reategui
Courtney Leigh Redwood
Tykey Nyair Reinberry
Piadra Renner
Alexander Reyes
Andy Reyes
Rachel Reyes
Samuel Reyes
Cynthia Riano Gonzalez
Emma Richter
Lakenya Riddick
Morgan Riddick
Katherine Grace Riha *#^
Jhane’a Monique Riley
Elijah Rivera
Ominay Kelyce Robertson
Kobe K. Robinson
Mariah Robinson
Danett Rocha-Davila
Liam Roche
Syonna Amoré Rodgers
Andrea Rodriguez
Catherine Rodriguez *#^
Geianny Rodriguez
Johnathan Rodriguez
Raymond Rodriguez
Tiffany M. Rodriguez
Noe Alberto Rodriguez Reyes
Preciosa Rojas
Kevin Romero-Tejada
Jared Rose
Aliah Sarah Ross #
Diana Gisselle Ruiz
Leslie Ruiz Aragon
Kevin Ruiz-Tamara
Lawrence Russell
Ryan Russo
Derek Ryan
Jordan Ernest Odhiambo Sadia
Al-Tariq Sadler
Joe Salazar Vizhnay
Remy Michael Salloum
Yordano Gregorio Sanchez Lopez
Rohan Sanghavi *
Rhea Saranathan
Sinthia Sarathy
Jonathan Sasonov
Ahmed Savage
Sierra Schiff
Simon Schwartz
Antonio N. Scott
Carollyn Scotto Di Frego
Garry Secker
Maitri Shah *#
Naman Dharmin Shah
Saloni Shah *#^
Jasmine Shekari-Nejad *#
Keshaun Shelton
Camille Leslie Sherriffe
Riya Sheth *#^
Minkailu Sillah
Jessica Silva
Colin Sims
Jillian Rachel Singer
Runaq Prakash Singh
Allyson Smith
Datoine Tyrone Smith
Devine Smith
Justin Tyler Smith
Kye Smith
Zainudin Smith
Gabrielle Sobon
Hannah Soria
Jeremiah Sprague
Mikell Dwayne Maxi Stafford
Keith Christopher Stewart *
Kobe Sweeney
Faaz Syed
Anthony Sykes
Scott Riley Szymborski
Vicente Tabusares
Ngardie Tarawally

Billal Taylor
Brianna Elizabeth Thomas
Jhane Thomas
Summer Danielle Thompson #*
Brielle Thurin
Adalia Torres
Jayson Torres ^
Yolenni Torres
Ayleen Gloribell Torres Peralta #
Madeline Torres Urena
Anjali Trivedi *#
Raina Nishith Trivedi *
Jonisha Trivers
Rebekah Chantal Turcios
Amado Jr. Valentin
Janelle Valentin
Kelly Velasco
Alexis Velasco-Barragan
Jennifer Velasquez Reyes
Germaine Venable
Shravan Venkatesan *#^
Shyam Venkatesan
Karen Vivar
Lauren Elizabeth Vladyka *#^
Thomas Vincent Volpe
Sydney Wade
Myasia Walker
Justin Walsh
Jasmine Danielle Way
Jordan D. Way
Tara Weniger
Madison Whiting #
Nadayzia Ismain Williams
Ronald Williams
Shiyan Williams
Jalen Winfield
Grace Woloshyn
Nadine Yanes #^
Matthew Yeager
Cory Yhap
Batool Zaidi
Alexandra  Shamiram Zia
Joseph Thomas Zjawiony
* = National Honor Society

# = President’s Education Award Program

^ = 4-Year Honor Roll

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