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In Your Opinion: Talk About Positive Aspects Of School District

In Your Opinion: Talk About Positive Aspects Of School District

By Kimberly Stephens, Franklin Park. In recent months, our school district and our school board  has experienced more than its fair share of press, most of it negative. While I understand that some of our negative press was more than warranted, I’m sad to report that I feel that our town is falling victim to […]

In Your Opinion: Resident Thanks Township Teachers

By Bill Connell, Somerset. Last week was Teacher appreciation week. I have a few thoughts on that.  I am a little jealous they don’t have an Estimator appreciation week but the thanks I get at the end of the SGS play in February, give me enough “thank yous.” I store them like emergency rations and […]

In Your Opinion:  The BOE Numbers Game – FHS Students are Casualties 

In Your Opinion:  The BOE Numbers Game – FHS Students are Casualties 

By John Felix, Somerset. 37th Day Term Superintendent; 608th Day FHS Principal; 20th Year BOE Officer  On his 37th day as Interim Superintendent of the Franklin Township public schools, Dr. LeRoy Seitz – who returned to Education after a brief retirement – recommended to the BOE at its May 08th meeting that Mr. James Bevere, […]

In Your Opinion: There Is More To The Sidewalk Story

By Richard Seamon, Somerset. It was with great interest that I read the story regarding the town council presentation of the proposed $57 million municipal budget.  As a licensed professional Civil Engineer, I found the discussion of resurfacing township roads to be extremely important and long overdue.  In fact, I recently attended training from the […]

In Your Opinion: Township Council Sets An Ominous Precedent

By Raleigh Steinhauer, Esq., Somerset. The Township Council’s recent takeover of the Hamilton Street Special Improvement District sets an ominous precedent. And while the Council’s unprecedented actions may not technically be illegal (the point is debatable) they certainly violate the intention of the law. The Hamilton Street Special Improvement District is a Special Improvement District […]

In Your Opinion: Should You Pay The Whole Bill?

By Bill Connell, Somerset. I was at work approving invoices and it reminded me of a question I have.  When approving invoices I ask myself two questions. Did they provide the service? and is there any reason not to pay the bill? What I am about to ask has been asked of the board but […]

In Your Opinion: All Taxpayers Should Be Paying Attention, Not Just Parents

By Bill Connell, Somerset. I was watching the February 20, Board of Education meeting.  One of the board members explained their vote was due to being worried about an orderly transition.  This board member voted for the super’s non-renewal and early exit.  This does not reflect the goal of an orderly transition.  I could not […]

In Your Opinion: Board of Education Needs To Work For The Children

By Rob Trautmann, Somerset Tonight (Feb. 20) was a first for me, I walked out of a Board of Education meeting before it ended.  I am deeply saddened by what some people believe to be appropriate behavior in public meetings.  Tonight was an absolute disgrace.  A member of the Franklin school family was listed for […]

In Your Opinion: Outsourcing Matters … A Lot!

By Mark Fitzgerald, Somerset. After attending the “Emergency” Franklin Board of Education meeting on Feb. 17, it appears the administration is very unprepared with accurate financial information for both para and sub outsourcing.  Until there is a real proposal to review with adequate time (even a pro-forma proposal) from a qualified vendor, the board should […]

In Your Opinion: Former School Board Member Reflects On His Tenure

By Tom Lewis, Somerset Dear Fellow Board Members: I wanted to take a moment and wish everyone a Happy New Year and to say thanks for putting up with me, some of you for years … I don’t know how you did it. While on the board, I made friendships that I will cherish, learned […]