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Your Opinion: School Board Should Reconsider Substitute Pay Cut

By Mark Fitzgerald, Somerset Dear Board Members; For those present at the board meeting (Oct. 17), you heard from numerous substitute teachers in the district regarding a recent decision to reduce their daily per diem compensation.  The change for many caused their daily rate to be reduced from $110/day to $95/day or $85/day respectively.  This […]

In Your Opinion: Decision on Schools Superintendent Was Rushed

By Bill Connell, Somerset. I was at the meetings where the Super’s contract was discussed.  My support of the Super starts at the fact that being a boss is not a popularity contest, but being a politician is. Having this discussion at campaign time is questionable because it confuses the conversation.  The Supers contract is […]

In Your Opinion: School District Needs New Superintendent

By Monica Hines, Angela Barkley, Bernadette Kelly, De Sanders, Cynthia Burwell-Alston, Shanel Y. Robinson and Donna Blackmore. We are Community for Change, an organization comprised of a diverse group of active community members.  At the September 26th Board of Education meeting, we outlined facts as to why we believe that Mr. Ed Seto’s contract should […]

In Your Opinion: Give Reasons for Schools Superintendent’s Non-Renewal

By Mrs. Ardaman Singh, Franklin Park. As an active Parent Volunteer for our School District I was extremely sad at the way the Board of Education voted on the non-renewal of the Superintendent’s contract. I think as parents we deserve an answer with facts why his contract will not be extended beyond 06/30/2014. There was […]