2017 Election: Kipnis Announces Support Of Amendments To NJ Rabies Law

Press Release Submitted by Rochelle Kipnis.

Daryl J. Kipnis, Esq., who has received the endorsements of the Middlesex County Republican Organization and Somerset County Republican Organization in connection with his candidacy for the New Jersey State Senate in the 17th Legislative District, packed Panico’s Restaurant in New Brunswick wall to wall with supporters as he joined forces with the renowned Dr. John Robb, DVM, to deliver a promise to protect our pets.

Kipnis said, “We will protect our pets! I absolutely support the Amended Rabies Law and intend to sponsor it in the Senate immediately after I am elected!” Dr. John Robb told the crowd, “The pets are in danger. As I stand up here, two or three pets are going to die from a vaccine they didn’t need to have.” The crowd cheered, “That’s right!” Dr. Robb continued, “Two or three people are going to be in tears having lost the love of their life for no reason but financial gain and those in the veterinary establishment know this but do it anyway to get their beach houses.” Dr. Robb uses the term, “Peticide” which he describes at the systematic destruction of pets for profit. “This is a crime against humanity,” he said in his speech to the crowd.

“The science has been known for close to 40 years. People are angry and pet owners are gathering together. You, the pet owner, are the force that will change these laws because you will let your elected officials know that, if you want to represent me, then you change this rabies law.” Dr. Robb explained that a “simple blood titer can be done” at any veterinarian office to prove immunity and the pet “does not need an additional rabies shot.” The crowd clapped as Dr. Robb said, “The little dogs cannot get a full cc like a Saint Bernard. A Chihuahua that weigh 4 pounds should get .1cc and if it gets 1 whole cc then it’s getting 10 times the dosage.” Dr. Robb told the crowd, “If you take 2 Advil, take 20 instead and see what happens to your stomach! We are injecting these dogs every day and overdosing them!”

Dr. Robb told everyone he is thankful to Mr. Kipnis for his intention introduce and support legislation to protect animal rights and the room cheered for Kipnis. “If he’s elected, he’s going to make a change,” Dr. Robb said.

The proposed amended rabies law, for which Dr. Robb has successfully campaigned for passage in other states, will provide that if a pet’s titer blood test comes back showing immunity, the pet will not be required to be re-vaccinated. It would also give the veterinarian control over how much of a dose a pet should get based on their weight.

Daryl has been a longtime supporter of animal rescue efforts and Humane Society of the United States, as well as local shelters. “I will be the voice for the animals and always defend them. The animals need to be represented to protect their well-being. When I am elected, I am always work to protect the interests of our animal friends as well as their owners.

Kipnis also addressed the core tenets of his platform to address the crisis of affordability in New Jersey, in which he will work to achieve tax relief “from every angle,” and as the owner of Kipnis Law Offices in Franklin Township, he is not merely satisfied with bringing jobs to New Jersey, but rather, careers, including paths to business ownership. In one example of his plans to both safeguard the environment and the health, safety, and welfare of New Jerseyans while simultaneously controlling costs and cutting spending once elected, Daryl will introduce legislation providing for the elimination of the use of potentially harmful pesticides in public parks, schools, playgrounds, and dog parks. “We need safe landscaping practices and elimination of potentially harmful toxic pesticides where children play, dogs walk, and children’s sports fields,” Kipnis said. “The toxic pesticides that we are all being exposed to are tremendously detrimental to our families, pets, our ecosystem, and our health. As a parent of three children and a pet owner, I am concerned when I see landscapers spraying glyphosate all around the playground where our children play. Pesticide residues will remain on the grass even if it is dry. I will work with Eco-friendly landscapers and other contractors and and support local New Jersey companies that specialize in non-toxic pest control options.”

Daryl is always available to discuss any concerns that New Jersey residents may have, or issues that are important them, and invites them to contact him via email at kipnisforstatesenate@gmail.com.

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